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Hello World~

Searching for my priorities

In 2 days time!!
In 2 days,i am officially a graduating student.
In 2 days,i will be stepping out of my comfort zone.
In 2 days,i will be meeting new people.
In 2 days,i will be having new friends.
In 2 days,i will need to be independent.
In 2 days,i will be facing new challenges.

In 2 days,i will be a...Collapse )
And in 2 days,there will be a whole new world for me.
A whole new world for me....

By asking my teacher name Mr. Google,i have learned the other countries education system.And with the 'research' that i have just did,it seems that most of them are still secured at the same school at the of 16.Then,at the age of 18 they will be off to find their new destinations.I totally have no sound knowledge of all the education system in other countries,but what i know now is that,..I am in a very very hot soup!

Well here's to why i'm in a hot soup.Firstly,i am graduating.In Singapore,it means that i have finished the compulsory 10 years of education.Therefore in 2 days time,I will need to choose to where i want to pursue my studies.A polytehcnic?Junior colleges?Pre-universities?I really don't know!I am quite envious with some of my friends that have decided to what they gonna do,where they are going and etc..To be honest,I feel a bit antsy..(Well,is that the correct word to describe what i'm feeling right now?)

Initially,i was thinking of taking a gap year..I still need to think of what i wanna do?What i want to achieve.You may say that i have no dreams or goals in life..But let me tell you,i have A LOT of dreams and goals in my life.Too many that i have a hard time choosing.Way too many!That is my problem.I did some researching to what i can do in my gap year.Travelling.Volunteering.YAY!!
However,in my point of view,at the age of 16 and taking a gap year is a bad choice.I think im still too young to be having a gap year right now.But then at the same time,i think i should.Should i?Or i should not? *fickle-minded on!* I bet my parents wont be allowing me to do have a gap year..

Some may ask about what i wanna be?What is my dream job?
My dream job,is to be able to help and interact with people.I dont want to be working and facing the computer the whole day.(But if you give me the job to face the computer and watch dramas for the whole day,hell yeah!i can survive with that.. XD)
A doctor?Eureka!Thats it!A doctor is the perfect job.In fact,it have been my dream job since i was in primary school.However,with the quota of 1 malay student in a course,in a universty,in Singapore.there goes my chance of entering a local uni.Its hard to enter a uni with that kind of limitation.Dreaming on to be doing medicine in Singapore,it is reserved for the other races.As i am writing this entry,i came across with an article.I read it and it hurt my pride for becoming a malay in Singapore.It distinctly shows how unfair it is to be treated as a not very intellectual community.Not respected.It really hurts and i really mean it.I cant say much about it.I stop it now.. :)

What i have stated above is not my main concern.My main concern is,where in the world am i going???
I will not be going to junior colleges and take my 'A' level.I dont have any confidence in passing my General Paper.I am not very proficient in my english language.No pre-universities for me,not really interested in it.Therefore,I'm left with a poly life ahead of me..

Here comes another problem.My school have just started a new course.It is a Diploma in Islamic Studies.The catch to it is this.After 2 years of following this course,i will be promoted to the second year of uni available after this course.That would mean im skipping a year!I am interested with it but it means that i will need to continue my arabic studies..which..i am not very keen at... :( I have barely survive for 4 years with my arabic studies..I know that i should not be thinking of going to this path when my arabic studies are not powerful,but my heart says to stay and take it.Hah..here comes the fickle-minded mind again..
Thats not all.After 2 years,i will need to pursue my studies overseas.Studying overseas sounds so cool.But,it is very costly.I dont want it to be a burden to my parents.I wish to study only in local uni..

But if i dont,i will be going to polytechnic.With this,i need to wait for my 'O' level result on the 13th of January 2014.So..yeah.In poly,i have choose a few courses that im keen.As to what my teacher said,not Mr Google,i will be able to work right after 3 years in poly and get the company to sponsor me in my degree studies.

Tomorrow is the registration for the DPI.I really dont know whether i should enroll myself in it.
I may not be choosing the right path but maybe i will need to learn the hard way.I actually have tons to type but i...IDK...Just blank..

At the same time,i am looking forward to what i will choose.If i have a wish,i will wish for someone that can help me make my decision.I know its stupid for not believing in myself but i just cant decide.Im tired of thinking.But what i know that i will be choosing between these 3 options:

1)Taking a gap year.
2)Going to DPI.
3)Going to poly.

Yeah.Im done with pouring out my thoughts here but there are like 70% left in my brain.THATS ALL!!!
P/s:The longest entry ever!!

[reposted post]Hey!Say!JUMP TV appearance schedule
Ryota 💛
reposted by exoticsj

Since JUMP will release their 10th single on June 26, it seems they will active in tv shows to promote their single.
So here I give you the info of their schedule:

✎ 6/12 Shokura (JUMP, NHK BS, 20:00 JST)

✎ 6/17 Generation Tengoku (Keito & Yabu, Fuji TV, 20:00 JST)

✎ 6/22 Chubaw desuyo (Hikaru, TBS, 23:30 JST) ⇒ it's also Inoo's birthday

✎ 6/27 Music Japan (JUMP, NHK, 22:55 JST)

✎ 7/5 Music Station 2hrs SP (JUMP, TV asahi, 20:00 JST)

✎ 7/6 Ongaku no Chikara (JUMP. Nihon Terebi 60th anniversary. This is a 12 hrs live broadcast. Still not sure what time JUMP will appear. I'll give an update again once I got new info. Arashi, NEWS, Kanjani 8 will also appear)

✎ 7/7 Yuto's drama 「Hanazawa Naoki」 start! (TBS, 21:00 JST)


Another schedule:

☆ 6/26 Come on a my house release

☆ 7/2 JUMParty 3

Will update this entry again once I got new info ( 」´0`)」

Finally, after 15 years, Hey! Say! JUMP Announces New Single!
Originally posted by chizzyrei at Finally, after 15 years, Hey! Say! JUMP Announces New Single!

Ok, not really. But HSJ fans, if you survived the almost 2 year gap between Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and Hitomi no Screen, you'll survive this. After 1 year and 4 months since Super Delicate, Hey! Say! JUMP will finally release their new single [Come on A My House] on June 26. To think that the group has never been on hiatus, is as busy as ever, is growing more popular by the day, BUT have more concert tours almost every season than their wide gap releases can keep up with. This new single release will certainly delight the waiting fans.

This is their 10th single. They mentioned that the PV will not be a dance PV, probably to break the chain of dance PVs since their 1st single. They added that the PV will give you the feeling 'feels like home' (So yeah, expect noisy fun happy HSJ in the PV)

It is announced during the 2nd of day of their 'Hey! Say! JUMP Zenkoku e JUMP Tour 2013' concert at the Tokyo Dome. Tracklist includes BOUNCE, New Hope~ Konna ni Bokura wa Hitotsu and two exclusive tracks "Just For You" by Hey! Say! 7 and "Scramble" by Hey! Say! BEST.

Tracklist..Collapse )


To add, they are the first group to utilize the 3rd floor of the Tokyo Dome, calling it the 'Sky Stage'. Koyama Keiichiro (NEWS) was their special guest at their concert.

The New Hey! Say! JUMP band now involves ALL members and they performed during the concert.

Nakajima Yuto- Drums
Okamoto Keito- Electric Guitar
Yaotome Hikaru- Bass Guitar
Yabu Kota- Guitar
Inoo Kei- Keyboard / Piano
Yamada Ryosuke- Saxophone
Chinen Yuri- Organ
Takaki Yuya- Small Taiko
Arioka Daiki- Taiko


Come on A My House

New Hope~ Konna ni Bokura wa HitotsuCollapse )

BOUNCECollapse )

credits: TV news HERE, FB, YT, JE News Daily

lol why am I not surprised BOUNCE is not the A-side. Though I am surprised they're gonna get back to happy fun HSJ. I guess it's a change from the usual cool dance tracks they usually put out. COAH Live is too enjoyable but am I the only one excited for a non-dance PV this time?

Saudi Arabian Reporter Floored by Things Japanese Take for Granted
Originally posted by myharu at Saudi Arabian Reporter Floored by Things Japanese Take for Granted

The Saudi Arabian television program Hawatel Kaizen (a combination of the Arabic word for “thoughts” and the Japanese for “improvement”) is a series of reports by Arabic reporters in which they share things they have been impressed by in Japan. A Japanese TV show in turn did a feature on Hawatel Kaizen, in which the panel of Japanese TV personalities were amused by the enthusiastic responses of Saudi reporter, Ahmad, to things Japanese citizens take for granted.

So in an effort to be as international as possible, RocketNews24 brings you an English recap of a Japanese TV program reacting to another program in which a Saudi Arabian reporter reacts to Japan.

Ahmad begins his report at the 0:30 mark by commenting, “Japan is a densely populated country, so its people have developed many ways to effectively use what limited space they have.” Ahmad was particularly moved by what he saw at an ordinary (for Japan) parking tower: a floor section that carousels the car around to make entrance and exit easier.

“Having to work the steering wheel back and forth to pull into a narrow space can be very difficult, so the Japanese came up with the idea of rotating the ground underneath it instead! It’s amazing that such a thing exists in this world,” Ahamd gushes, before the first of several times in the video he exclaims, “Sugoi!" (Japanese for “amazing”).

Next, Ahmad pays a visit to a Japanese elementary school. Even before he arrives, something catches his eye at 1 minute and 30 seconds into the clip.

“Look at the woman across the street! She uses that yellow flag to stop traffic so the children can cross safely! In Saudi Arabia, children have to cross dangerous, busy roads all by themselves, but in Japan, people are so concerned for their safety that they even use these yellow flags when there are no cars around.”

When Ahmad reaches the school, he immediately finds something of note in the building’s entranceway. “Look! The children take their shoes off here and put them into cubby holes, then change into a separate pair of shoes that’s kept clean by being worn only indoors. Each student has a designated place for their footwear, which keeps everything neat and tidy.”

▼ Shoes neatly lined up in cubby holes at a school in Japan.

The video then cuts to Ahmad in Saudi Arabia, where, exasperated by the unruly pile of shoes in front of a mosque, he implores the caretaker to line them up neatly on a set of shelves instead.

Jump to the 3 minute and 30 second mark of the video, Ahmad finally observes a Japanese elementary school lesson being taught. “Every single time the students get up from their seats, they always push their chairs in! It’s wonderful! Even from such a young age, they understand the importance of following the rules and keeping things orderly.”

Ahmad then enters an extended talk about the many small ways people in Japan show consideration for each other, starting with his experiences at a gas station at the 5:00 mark. “When pumping gas, the attendants use two cloths. They put the first one under the nozzle, so that if any gas drips out it won’t get on the customer’s car. But what’s even more impressive is the second one, which they use as a cushion so that the hose won’t scratch the car’s body. And when the pumping is finished and the customer is leaving, the staff goes into the street and stops traffic to make it easier for him to pull out. Sugoi!

▼ A gas station employee bowing to a customer driving away.

Next, Ahmad visits a Japanese department store on a rainy day. Much like his trip to the elementary school, he’s not even all the way into the building before he finds something amazing. “Naturally, your umbrella gets wet when you use it in the rain, so the Japanese created this device! You stick your umbrella in the opening, and it wraps it in a plastic cover to keep the floors from getting wet and dirty. This is true consideration for others! Sugoi!

▼ An plastic umbrella cover dispenser.

The next stop is a Japanese park, where the reporter is impressed by the complete absence of litter. “Everyone takes their trash home with them! Look at this bench. It’s like no one was ever here!” At the 7:00 mark, Ahmad sees a group of visitors pick up a pile of now inedible candy they spilled and proclaims it nothing short of a miracle.

Searching for the root of this thoughtfulness, Ahmad returns to the elementary school, where he observes the students performing cleaning duties, as is standard in Japan where schools don’t employ janitors. “The unbelievable thing is that the children seem to be enjoying themselves as they clean together! And look at how they get down on their hands and knees to clean the floors. When even cleaning is done with such humility, it’s no wonder that they grow up to be kind, considerate adults.”

Armed with this knowledge, Ahmad returns to Saudi Arabia and makes an appeal to education minister Prince Faisal to let him try a student cleaning project in the country. For two months the students at a Saudi elementary school take on the responsibilities of cleaning their own classrooms. Many of their parents remark that the program has made the children more willing to help around the house as well. Prince Faisal was so pleased with the results that Ahmad’s program has now been expanded to a total of 640 schools.

Sugoi, Ahmad! Sugoi!


I just thought this was an interesting article. I don't really have a gif to convey my feelings/opinion about this so here's a gratuitous Matsujun gif.

hello!!!Its been awhile since i write an entry..
(why in the world is my opening always the same??)whatever..

Actually,i totally have a lot to write and have been constructing sentences in my mind but then i always got ide-tracked whenever i wanted to write an entry.. :(
Anyways,i just want to spill out everything,right here,right now,about things that have been disturbing me lately..

Firstly,i cant believe that being a class rep,monitress or whatever was so hard and i totally need to hold a lot of responsibilities..i have never imagine myself leading the class..i have always dream of being the class rep,all of my classmates can rely on me,and all of the fairy-tale like classrep.But the outcome is always the other way round...I nearly cried infront of the whole class..But,the last few weeks,i was insane and emotional..i cried to almost everything..When i was tired and didnt pay attention in class,i cried,When i saw my room in a mess,i cried agan!!.It was frustating and crazy!!And the reason i nearly cried in front of the class was because,i got scolded from the discipline teacher about my class being in a total mess..I dislike and hate it,when its someone's fault and i need to hold the blame...I have always prevented myself from erupting in class,and talk about cleanliness,talk about class responsibility,bcuz i think that they dont need it..but,i think they did need it and i totally erupted..I just cant stand it any longer...
But,somehow i feel very relieved after that..thats good i think??

Yeah...think so ?____?

ABRSM or Trinity?

This week have been totally crazy.There are too many thing happen in one week.My life have never been in a relax mood lately.Except,when in my fandom and right now.Everyone around me is shouting at me,"Study,Study,Practice,'O' Level,"I am totally tired!As always,my lovely teachers have never fail giving us homeworks.They are seriously too generous!and i thank them for that!And on top of that,my relaxing and escape from 'O' Level class has put another rocks and stones on top of me.Here it goes~

For the past 2 years,i have been taking guitar lessons in an arts academy.I always call this class as an escape from studying and practicing class.But without me noticing,this year i actually should be graduating and i need a music certificate before graduating.This is somehow to show that i learn something from the academy.At first,i was actually suppose to take the grade 1 guitar exam from ABRSM(Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) but unfortunately,the registration for the examination is closed.(should i say hooray here?YAYYY!!)Therefore,i need a transfer from ABRSM to Trinity(another music exam board).But seriously,i know nothing about taking music exams.I heard that in Trinity,you were suppose to play your own choice of songs.The director of the academy told me that,taking exams through Trinity is much more easier than ABRSM and in my point of view,ABRSM are more recognized that Trinity.Therefore,i think that ABRSM is tougher or was it because theres the word Royal there??hehe.. :) She explained it to me that ABRSM are for people who actually want music as their career,which i dont want.And i am not interested of having music as my career though.So she offered me to take the exams through Trinity.I am actually convinced by her words,but im still worried cause i will be taking the exam this June,and i totally need an intensive class and course right now.I tried giving a reason to skip this exam this year because i have my major exam,that means the whole world to me,my 'O' Level.But,she said that,i just need to juggle my time between practicing for the 'O' Level and guitar.To tell the truth,i have never practice my guitar at home.If i feel like doing it,then i do it.Which only happens like once a month.So bad,i know!I did wonder,if i should just practice only 10% to at least just get a pass and dont need to fret about this examination thingy.But then,i would feel bad about it.I am actually under a fund to attend this class and if i dont perform well,they will think,"Its such a waste paying for her to take the exam."
Thats why,i guess,i still need to give my best.But,the thing that im worried the most is,what are they going to test me?How are they going to grade me?
Besides worrying,i am totally excited about this!Its my first time having music exam and i totally look forward to it.But,i never imagine that i am going to rush things like this.Anyway,i feel very enthusiastic about it. :)
But Like it or not,theres no way i can escape this but just go on with it..YAY!!! XD

P.S:This week i stumbled upon many songs that made my heart go "doki doki".its so heartwarmig for me.Some of them are
Yamada Ryosuke-Gin no Sekai ni Negai wo Komete[The most sweetest song!!I love yamada so much!!!]but then chinen is still my ichiban~~
Ayaka-Ai wo Uta
NYC-Tic Tac
And also Hey! Say! JUMP スノウソング..
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :o

What The?!?!
I have never written anything in this livejournal,and maybe this time i wanted to try.
So here i go~

I can say that today is the worst day ever.For the past 21 days after school re-opens,i have never,ever,ever feel irritated to the max.Well,today i have a new classmate from Saudi Arabia,that lives and study in United Kingdom,London for three years.So,all of my friends were pretty psyched.We never have a new student from another country.
Well,she(the new girl) arrived with a hot pink bag.And all of us looked at her like,what?! To tell the truth,all of the student in my school use the same bag.we need to buy the bag from the school.Black,rectangular and boring.
when she start to introduce herself,we were all impressed with her british accent.Especially me,Because i think that having a british accent is so cute! :)
and she didnt talk a lot about herself.and the thing is that,shes taking the 'o' level with us.And im thinking that this is going to be bad..So bad...IDK why..
And the other bad thing is,my english teacher was praising her and treat her like some kind of princess.Reminded us to make her feel comfortable,make her at home and so on...Well,my irritate-o-meter havent reach till the max yet.Luckily my arabic teacher didnt praise her.Or not im going to explode more than i am right now.
I can tell you that,if you are a new kid in my class,we really welcome you.We are not shy to talk to you,eventhough we just know your name.But the thing that made my irritate-o-meter till the max is that,she didnt reply to any of our questions!!!!I hate that!!Didnt she know how to answer?Or she didnt understand our english?Seriously!!!!Dont she know that she have all the attention?She can come after 21 days after school re-opens?Its not fair okay!!
I have this special ability to spread my anger and its very contagious,i think that my 2 deskmates received my anger and they actually join me too..


Since its the only the first day,Im giving her another chance to make a better impression and i hope tomorrow and the days to come,she opens up and talk a lot more..i hate the fact that she's new and did not want to make friends!Ugh!!
but,seriously,im going to give her a chance..

About me :)
Let me introduce myself:-
*Hello,my name is Sakinah.
*I am a Singaporean
*Have been in the K-pop fandom since 2010.(but i pause for awhile because i got tired of the cute boys changing into hot boys.)
*In J-pop fandom right now since 2012.:)
*Been in love with this guys

with or without morimoto..


Thats all thank you..ありがとう
Im bad at introducing myself :)) Sorry....